Please tell us the China import policy and tariff for exporting rice from pakistan to China
plan to export rice from pakistan to china pls informabour china import policy tarrif and custom health departments rules and requirments
Dear Sir or Madam,
Thanks very much for your attention to ETCN.
Regarding to the Chinese policy of exporting rice to China, we suggest you using our tool "Trade Policy Search", please click the link , you just need to enter the keywords and click the button "SEARCH", you can find the related regulation of your product.
As to the import tariff, please use our tool use our tool "HS code & tariff" to check it.
Please click the link , and you just need to finish the following three simple steps:
Step 1: enter the key words of your product;
Step 2: choose Customs data at the button of "All data", and click the button "SEARCH"
Step 3: confirm the proper HS Code according to the product's description; you can also check the related tariff information about your product. If there is a red button "view" below "Special Duty". You can also click it to check whether your products have Conventional Duty and Special Preferential Tariff exporting to China from different country or not .
If you still have any other questions about trading with China, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are glad to help you.